AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Defences - Insanity

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1. What sentence may be given to someone if they are not guilty of murder by reasons of insanity?

  • Hospital order with restricted discharge
  • Guardian Order
  • Absolute discharge
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2. What is the nature and quality of a crime?

  • Didn't know what he was doing, Didn't understand the consequences and did not understand the circumstances in which he was acting
  • Didn't know what he was doing, Understood the consequences but not the circumstances in which he acted in
  • Knew what he was doing, but didn't understand the circumstances or the consequences of his actions

3. Was there a Mens Rea?

  • Did know what they were doing and knew it was wrong
  • They knew what they were doing, just didn't know it was wrong
  • Didn't know what they were doing

4. Which cause outlines Defect of Reason?

  • Kemp - Had an episode that caused him to hammer his wife - Insanity
  • Clarke - D walked out of the supermarket without paying - Absent-mindedness is not insanity
  • Clarke - D stole an item and tried to plead insanity - As she was aware that she was wrong no insanity

5. What does the case of Kemp outline?

  • Insanity cannot be an external factor
  • Insanity can be temporary
  • Insanity must be permanent


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