AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Defences - Insanity

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1. What must the show at the time of the crime?

  • That he was insane during the crime, with medical evidence
  • That he was insane after the crime
  • That he had been insane at some point, shown by medical documents
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2. Why did the insanity plea fall in the case of Windle?

  • As he stated " ill hang for this" meaning he understood what he had done
  • As he was not insane by Legal terminology
  • As his insanity was only temporary

3. When can the insanity plea not be used

  • GBH S18, as its a specific intent crime
  • Strict liability, as it requires a mens rea
  • Strict liability, as it requires an Actus Reus

4. What is the nature and quality of a crime?

  • Knew what he was doing, but didn't understand the circumstances or the consequences of his actions
  • Didn't know what he was doing, Didn't understand the consequences and did not understand the circumstances in which he was acting
  • Didn't know what he was doing, Understood the consequences but not the circumstances in which he acted in

5. Disease of the mind must be the what terminology?, Which case outlines this?

  • Legal - Sullivan
  • Judges - Burgess
  • Medical - Kemp
  • Legal - Bratty


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