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2. Was the consent given in Tabassum 2000 granted?

  • No, as he was not a fully qualified doctor
  • No, because the women thought he was a qualified medical professional
  • Yes, as the had given verbal consent

3. What cause exemplifies Horseplay and sexual intercourse through consent?

  • Dickinson & Kelling
  • Brown
  • Dytham
  • Nedrick

4. In what case was the victim injured through playing bumps?

  • Jones - Violent Horseplay
  • Graham - Horseplay was in the level of the game
  • Richards - Horseplay was too violent for the rules

5. Under transmission of disease, what does the case of Dica 2004 show?

  • Biological GBH
  • Chemical ABH
  • Violent Sexual Intercourse without consent


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