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2. What happened in the case of Burrell and Harmen 1967?

  • Pierced girlfriend without consent
  • Tattooed a 12 & 13 year old, consent not allowed as they cannot understand pain
  • Tattooed a 14 & 18 year old, consent allowed for 18 year old but not 14 year olf

3. What happened in the case of Richardson 2000?

  • Dentist carried out work even though he was suspended - Not guilty as there was consent
  • Worked on patients even though he was suspended - guilty due to fraud

4. Under transmission of disease, what does the case of Dica 2004 show?

  • Violent Sexual Intercourse without consent
  • Biological GBH
  • Chemical ABH

5. What cause exemplifies Horseplay and sexual intercourse through consent?

  • Brown
  • Dytham
  • Dickinson & Kelling
  • Nedrick


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