AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Defences - Consent Part One

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1. In emergencies how does consent differ, and which case shows this?

  • The consent is assumed - Blaue
  • The person must be asked before anything can happen to them, even if unconscious Blaue
  • The consent is taken from family members - Richards
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2. What is outlined in the case of Pretty 2002?

  • That even if the person consents to assisted suicide, it does not count
  • You cannot consent to anything under the age of 18
  • Consent is allowed if its in writing

3. Which three are recognised exceptions?

  • Horseplay, above normal violence, medical dentistry
  • Sports, normal social intercourse, Horseplay
  • Sports, assisted suicide, normal sexual intercourse

4. How are piercings and tattoo's regulated?

  • Body dis-morphing act
  • Tattooing of Minors Act
  • Tattooing and piercings act

5. What can an individual do to stop Normal social intercourse?

  • Verbally abuse the person until they stop
  • Withdraw at any time
  • Hit the person to stop them


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