AQA A2 Law Unit 3 - Defences - Automatism

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1. What did the case of Bratty outline?

  • Distinction between insanity and automatism
  • Difference between automatism and intoxication
  • Distinction between insanity and Loss of control
  • Difference of automatism and diminished responsibility
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2. Can automatism be used as a defence if the external factor is self induced?

  • No
  • Yes
  • Depends on severity of the crime

3. Which of these are external causes?

  • Injury or disease caused the mental illness
  • Drug or Alcohol induced
  • Blow to head, bee sting, hypnosis
  • Disease of the mind

4. Which case outlines Recklessness in Automatism?

  • R v Hardy - Took some out of date valium and set alight a wardrobe - Lead to unpredictable behaviour
  • R v Kemp - Was given some drugs believing them to be paracetamol, caused her to hit her husband - Involuntary
  • James v Dorkings - Had not taken enough insulin and this had caused him to hit a lady - not an external factor

5. In which case did the defendant attack a patient after being hypoglycaemic from an overdose of insulin?

  • R v Hardy - Automatism
  • Kemp - Insanity
  • Quick - self induced
  • Quick - Automatism


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