AQA Sociology A2 - Parsonian Functionalism - Part 1, AGIL

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1. Hedonism is an example of what?

  • Grand Hierarchy
  • Latency
  • Goal Attainment
  • Achievement
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2. Which of these is NOT a major criticism of Parson's theory (all others are)?

  • He doesn't offer any framework for improving existing social systems.
  • He provided no source of official statistics to prove his theory.
  • Teleological - explains all institutions via their effect, not the cause.
  • Postmodernists could argue modern society is far too complex to be seen as harmonious.
  • Very conservative - ignores power of some to impose their goals and assumes consensus.
  • Deterministic - he makes man (people) seem like cogs in a machine.

3. What is functional interdependence?

  • A term to describe the correlation between educational achievement and social class.
  • A term to describe how society depends upon individuals to exist.
  • A term to describe how all social institutions rely on each other to work.
  • A term to describe how individuals function within society itself.

4. Synoptic Link - Which one of these specifically thought the family would be classed as a 'functional prerequisite'.

  • Ann Oakley
  • Robert Merton
  • George Murdock
  • Charles Murray

5. What is a functional prerequisite?

  • A type of social institution.
  • A basic need [for society] to survive.
  • A requirement [for people] to live.
  • A method of interdependence.


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