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2. Which of these is NOT a criticism of Merton's work (all others are)?

  • He assumes value consensus on society's goals.
  • It doesn't offer explanation for delinquent subcultures.
  • He ignores the power of the ruling class to enforce laws that criminalise the poor, but not the rich.
  • He used statistics at face value ("the tip of the iceberg").
  • He provided no statistical evidence towards his theory.
  • It can't explain why genocide, violence, vandalism etc. occur.

3. Which Sociological theory is Strain Theory associated with most often?

  • Marxism
  • Feminism
  • Functionalism
  • Symbolic Interactionalism

4. Which of these is NOT a strain adaptation (all the others are) according to Merton?

  • Retreatism
  • Reinvention
  • Ritualism
  • Innovation
  • Conformity
  • Rebellion

5. Which of these groups of people would be classed as "Rebellions"?

  • Hippies
  • Drug Addicts
  • Dead-End Office Workers
  • The Under Class


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