AQA Sociology A2 - Durkheim's et al. Functions Of Crime

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1. Quick Recap: How do Sociologists typically define Crime?

  • A bad thing
  • The disapproval towards the criminal justice system.
  • The violation of norms of society that have been enacted into law.
  • The attacking of social institutions - including the legal system.
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2. Which of these statements would a Functionalist agree with?

  • Crime is not a problem Functionalists should concern themselves with.
  • Crime is a normal, inevitable, and universal part of society.
  • Crime is a normal part of traditional societies, but not modern societies.
  • Crime is always bad and leads to social collapse unless removed.

3. Who used the example of Prostitution as a safety valve?

  • (Albert) Cohen
  • (Kingsley) Davis
  • (Ned) Polsky
  • (Emile) Durkheim

4. What can too much crime do?

  • Destroy value consensus
  • Destabilise society
  • Prove Functionalists wrong
  • Nothing much

5. IMPORTANT: What is Anomie?

  • Disruption/A state of normlessness.
  • Another way of saying "value consensus".
  • Weakening of a collective conscience.
  • Annihilation of class and gender divides.




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