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2. In the computer model what are the three stages in the sequence (in the correct order)?

  • Input, Processing, Output
  • Output, Processing, Input
  • UCS, NS, UCR, CR

3. What is the definition of a gland?

  • Chemical substances that circulate in the bloodstream and only affect target organs
  • An organ in the body that synthesises substances such as hormones
  • A hormone produced by the adrenal glands which is part of the body's immediate stress response system. It has a strong effect on the cells of the cardiovascular system
  • One of the body's major information systems that instructs glands to release large quantities of hormones directly into the blood stream which disappear quickly and have powerful effects
  • The way an animal responds when stressed. The body becomes physiologically aroused in readiness to fight or flee

4. What is a schema?

  • A cognitive representation of our ideas about a person or situation
  • A 'plan' in the brain for how our behaviours are going to be
  • An response to a new stimulus

5. What is Structuralism?

  • The structure of the communicative pathways between the brain and the body
  • Any theory which aims to study the relationship among phenomena rather than the phenomena themselves, and the symptoms formed by these relationships
  • The way that the brain is structured




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