AQA Psychology - Approaches to Psychology

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1. In the computer model what are the three stages in the sequence (in the correct order)?

  • UCS, NS, UCR, CR
  • Input, Processing, Output
  • Output, Processing, Input
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2. Which of these is an example of classical conditioning?

  • Pavlov's Dogs
  • Skinner's Box
  • Bandura's Bobo Doll's

3. What type of capacity does processing have?

  • Limited
  • Unlimited (infinite)

4. What is the correct definition of a phenotype?

  • The product of what happens when the genetic make-up interferes with the environment (such as height)
  • An individuals genetic make-up which occurs at conception and provides the genetic code for how that individual will develop (such as eye colour)

5. What is the definition of operant conditioning?

  • Learning through reinforcement
  • Learning through association



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