AQA Psychology - Approaches to Psychology

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1. What was the aim of Bandura's research?

  • To look at the effects of punishment and positive reinforcement in animals
  • To look at how passive behaviour influences children's own behaviour
  • To look at how aggressive behaviour influences children's own behaviour
  • To look at how a stimulus is conditioned to create a desired response
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2. In the computer model what is the brain compared to?

  • Central Processing Unit
  • Coding
  • Stores

3. Why does cognitive psychology use theoretical models?

  • It describes the process in a series of indistinct steps
  • Scientific methods cannot be used so the model is used in place of those
  • It supports a scientific approach to enquiry and testing
  • It has a basic structure which can be applied to all humans

4. In the computer model what are the three stages in the sequence (in the correct order)?

  • UCS, NS, UCR, CR
  • Input, Processing, Output
  • Output, Processing, Input

5. What is the correct definition of identification?

  • When an observer learns by observing the consequences of another person's behaviour
  • When an individual observes a behaviour from a role model and simulates it
  • When an individual is influenced by another because they are in some way similar or wish to be like them
  • When someone is influential on an individual in some way and their behaviour is imitated



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