AQA Engliah Language Gender Theories

1. Select the 4 correct categories of Deborah Jones' women's oral culture

  • House Talk, Scandal, Bitching and Chatting
  • Scandal, Bitching, Talking, and Whispering
  • Talking, Chatting, Craic, and Gossiping
  • Gossiping, Talking, Bitching and Scandal
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2. Which of these is a Deborah Tannen theory?

  • Language in Society
  • Talking Differences
  • You just don't understand
  • Man Made Language

3. in Miller and Swift's Handbook of non sexist writing, what were the probelms brought up?

  • Diminutive suffixes, pronound problem
  • Discrimination, generalisation
  • The use of man as a false generic, The pronoun problem, The Discrimination in job titles, Genrealisations, Non parallel treatment
  • Gneralisations, Sexism, female forms coming second eg Mr and Mrs, Pronoun Problem and Discrimination in job titles

4. What is Berger's theory on Representational Practices in Advertising?

  • Men sing and women dance
  • Men act and women appear
  • Women act and men appear
  • Women come first and men second

5. Herriman in "Descriptions of woman and man in present day Englsih" describes what?

  • Collocations for women are of physical attractivness eg pretty, for men it's terms for height, abilities and personality
  • Collocations for women are powerful
  • Collocations for women are always sexual
  • Collocations for men never include those describing intelligence


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