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1. Which is the correct sequence of terms for the features of classical conditioning identified by Pavlov?

  • Neutral stimulus - unconditioned response - conditioned stimulus - unconditioned response
  • Unconditioned stimulus - conditioned stimulus - unconditioned response - neutral stimulus
  • Neutral stimulus - unconditioned stimulus - unconditioned response - conditioned stimulus
  • Unconditioned response - neutral stimulus - unconditioned stimulus - conditioned stimulus
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2. Which is a basic assumption of the behaviourist approach?

  • Learning theory should be studied scientifically in a laboratory
  • Learning processes in animals cannot be generalised to humans
  • The main influence on behaviour is your genes
  • Learning is influenced by private mental processes

3. Which division of the nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic branches?

  • The somatic nervous system
  • The autonomic nervous system
  • The peripheral nervous system
  • The central nervous system

4. Which one of the following statements about Bandura's Bobo doll experiments is false?

  • The experiments support the idea that learning can often occur indirectly
  • Children were more likely to imitate aggression that was rewarded (reinforced)
  • Children who saw the model punished were more likely to imitate aggression than children who saw no consequences
  • The experiments have been used to support the idea that children may be influenced by what they see in the media

5. Which of the following does not occur during synaptic transmission?

  • Neurotransmitter diffuses across the synaptic gap
  • The chemical message is converted back into an electrical impulse
  • The neuron is in a resting state
  • An electrical impulse triggers the release of neurotransmitter


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