Applied Ethics - Animals

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1. Under what conditions would treating animals badly be morally wrong for Kant?

  • If animals develop better communication skills so that they can explain their experience of pain.
  • If the animals are the subject of a life
  • If it compromises a person's ability to treat other humans well, and therefore threatens the person's own moral integrity.
  • If the overall suffering of animals outweighs the pleasure this bad treatment creates for humans.
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2. According to Aristotle, animals have no share in...

  • Pleasure
  • Eudaimonia
  • Instinct
  • Society

3. Recent Virtue Ethicists believe that

  • Not to recognise the importance of animal suffering is to show a lack of compassion
  • Not to recognise the importance of animal suffering is irrelevant to producing a virtuous charcter
  • Selfishly treating an animal as a meat-growing machine is good
  • Using animal products is always wrong

4. Peter Singer thought that the way animals are currently treated is...

  • Against our duty towards animals
  • Morrally Justifiable
  • Morally Unjustifiable
  • Not a moral issue

5. When is harm to animals justified according to a utilitarian?

  • When the pleasure created outweighs the animal's suffering
  • Always because animals do not have autonomy or motives for actions
  • Never
  • Always since animals do not have souls


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