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2. For Kant, what is the only source of good?

  • A good will
  • The consequences of an action
  • A virtuous character
  • Superior reasoning

3. Equality of Moral interest must be based on what according to Singer?

  • Sentience
  • Suffering
  • Intelligence
  • Strength

4. Recent Virtue Ethicists believe that

  • Selfishly treating an animal as a meat-growing machine is good
  • Using animal products is always wrong
  • Not to recognise the importance of animal suffering is to show a lack of compassion
  • Not to recognise the importance of animal suffering is irrelevant to producing a virtuous charcter

5. Rosalind Hursthouse (a modern virtue ethicist) believes that

  • We must calculate whether an animal's interests and preferences should be included in our utility calculus.
  • No animal can be granted higher 'moral status' as there is no familiar set of factors that some animals share and others don't.
  • The 'moral status' of other animals is an important subject to clarify so that we can determine whether it has rights
  • There is a natural hierarchy of living things, the function of those lower down (animals) is to serve the needs of those higher up (humans).


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