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2. Which is true (according to Peter Singer)?

  • It is irrelevant the way in which an animal suffers.
  • A young orphaned infant has more interests than a primate.
  • The interests of animals should be taken into account differently as all have varied experience and levels of interests
  • The interests of animals should all be viewed as completely equal

3. Why does Kant believe that animals are not ends in themselves?

  • Because they do not have the capacity for practical reason
  • Because animals cannot speak
  • Because animals do not have desires
  • Because animals have their own moral laws

4. When is harm to animals justified according to a utilitarian?

  • When the pleasure created outweighs the animal's suffering
  • Never
  • Always since animals do not have souls
  • Always because animals do not have autonomy or motives for actions

5. Which is a correct Singer quote?

  • "In suffering the animals are our equals."
  • "All lives matter"
  • "Speciesism is the most pressing issue of this century"
  • "I'm craving a burger"


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