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2. What allows for variation within the genetic fingerprint of individuals

  • The number of repeated introns between exons
  • The total number of exons
  • The number of chromosomes an individual has
  • The number of repeated exons in the fingerprint

3. What is recombinant DNA?

  • Incorrect DNA
  • Undifferentiated cells that have the potential to become specialised
  • Foreign DNA inserted into another section of DNA
  • DNA that codes for a non functional protein

4. What are stem cells?

  • Cells that are not totipotent and can only produce 1 cell type
  • Cells that are undifferentiated but can become specialised
  • Cells that have become differentiated
  • Cells that produce cancer

5. What is a clone?

  • A group of genetically identically organisms formed by sexual reproduction
  • A group of similar organisms formed from two parents
  • A group of genetically identical organisms formed from a single parent
  • A group of similar organisms formed from a single parent


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