Antibiotics and other medicines

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1. name 2 ways of overcoming the current problem of antibiotic resistance

  • Developing new antibiotics and modifying existing ones.
  • Developing new ways of treating diseases and avoiding using antibiotics all together. This way there is no selection pressure and therefore no natural selection can occur.
  • Develop technology that can change and enhance our DNA so we are not affected by the bacterial infections that are resistant.
  • Not using any antibiotics and instead using attenuated vaccination that can fight all bacterial infections.
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2. Name some limitations of using antibiotics

  • There are risks using antibiotics, such as, side effects and even severe allergic reactions in some people. Perhaps biggest risk is antibiotic resistance.
  • Some people can become even more ill as they can encourage other dangerous bacteria to grow.
  • Antibiotics are not fully understood. We do not know the long term impacts of taking them and therefore many people do not trust them. In fact in some countries they are banned.
  • There are no limitations to antibiotics. They are really helpful in saving millions of lives and treating bacterial infections. They are an absolute life saver!!!!

3. What is an allele?

  • An alternative version of a gene.
  • An expression of a gene that can be affected by environmental influences.
  • A section of a gene that does not code for a protein.
  • A section of a gen that does code for a protein.

4. For the bacterium that are resistant they have a big advantage. It's better able to....

  • Send out cytokines so that other bacteria can become resistant, leading to millions of resistant bacteria.
  • Destroy the host.
  • Survive in the host who's being treated with antibiotics to get rid of the infection, and so it lives longer and reproduces many more times.
  • Go undetected by the host.

5. what causes some bacteria to become to become naturally resistant to antibiotics?

  • Evolution
  • Environmental mutations
  • Genetic mutations
  • Competition


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