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2. How was this decree humiliating for the Jews?

  • Men could not support themselves or their families
  • It forced them to emigrate

3. One reason why the 'Law Against Overcrowding of German Schools and Universities' introduced?

  • To give Aryan children more resources and attention
  • Hitler was planning to evenutally ban school altogether

4. In the 1938 'Decree of Registration of Jewish Property', all Jewish property over how many marks had to be confiscated?

  • 10,000 RM
  • 1000 RM
  • 5000 RM
  • 250 RM

5. What did the 'Exclusion of German Jews From the Press' consist of?

  • Ban on Jewish doctors treating German people
  • There was strict censorship and closing of Jewish publications
  • Jews were forbidden to display the national flag


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