Anthology - quotes

1 Bayonet Charge (bullets)
"Bullest smacking the belly out of the air - He lugged a rifle numb as a smashed arm"
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2 Bayonet Charge (clockwork)
"In what cold clockwork of the stars and nations was he the hand pointing that second?"
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3 Bayonet Charge (shot)
"The the shot slashed furrows.Threw up a yellow ahre that rolled like a flame"
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4 Charge of the light brigade (jaws)
"Into the jaws of death,into the mouth of hell"
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5 Charge of the light brigade (cannon)
"cannon to the right of them,cannon to the left of them ,cannon behind them"
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6 The prelude (straight)
"straight i unloosed her chain" "lustily i dipped my oars into the silent lake"
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7 The prelude (struck)
"struck and struck again" "trembling oars"
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8 London (mark)
"and mark in every face i meet/marks of weakness,marks of woe"
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9 London (mind)
"the mind-forg'd manacles i hear"
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10 London (blights)
"and blights with plagues with the marriage hearse"
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11 Exposure (brains)
"our brains ache ,in the merciless iced east winds"
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12 Exposure (sudden)
"sudden successive flights of bullets streak the silence less deadly than the air that shudders with snow"
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13 Exposure (burying)
" the burying party,picks and shovers in shaking glasp ,pause over half-known faces"
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14 war photographer (spools)
"spools of suffering set out in ordered rows"
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15 war photographer (tears)
"tears between the bath and pre -lunched beers"
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16 war photographer (hundred)
"a hundred agonies in black and white "
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17 Remains (legs)
"one of them legs it up the road"
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18 Remains (round)
"every round as it rips through his life"
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19 Remains (bloody)
"His bloody life in my bloody hands"
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20 Storm on the island (exploding)
"exploding comfortably"
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21 Storm on the island (flung)
"The flung spray hits the very windows,spits like a tame cat/turned savage"
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22 Storm on the island (bombarded)
"we are bombarded by the empty air"
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23 Poppies (graze)
"i wanted to graze my nose across the tip of your nose,play at being eskimos like we did when we were younger"
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24 Poppies (song bird)
"and released a song bird from its cage"
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25 Poppies (inscriptions)
" i traced the inscriptions on the war memorial,leaned against it like a wishbone"
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26 Kamikaze (translucent)
"green-blue translucent" "pearl - grey"
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27 Kamikaze (embarked)
"her father embarked at sunrise"
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28 Kamikaze (gradually)
"till gradually we too learned to be silent ,to live as though he had never returned"
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29 my last duchess (gave)
"i gave commands,then all smiles stopped together"
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30 my last duchess (gift)
"my gift of a nine hundred years old name"
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31 Tissue (semantic field quotes)
"thinned" "transparent"
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32 Tissue (paper)
"paper that lets the light shine through"
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33 The emigree (country)
"There once was a country"
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34 The emigree (hollow)
"like a hollow doll" "i comb its hair"
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35 comh (dem)
"dem tell me "
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2 Bayonet Charge (clockwork)


"In what cold clockwork of the stars and nations was he the hand pointing that second?"

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3 Bayonet Charge (shot)


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4 Charge of the light brigade (jaws)


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5 Charge of the light brigade (cannon)


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