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When to use ANOVA?
3 or more DVs or more DVs
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why not using multiple t-test?
because of the familywise error
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F ratio = ?
MSbetween / MSwithin
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Between groups
deviation of groups means from the grand mean
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within groups
deviation of individual scores from their respective group mean
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total variance
deviation if individual scores from the grand mean
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What to report with ANOVA
Sum of squares, degrees of freedom, mean squares, F-ratio, p-value, effect size
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Repeated-measures ANOVA
equivalent of the one-way ANOVA, but for related, not independent groups
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two-way anova
two or more IVs
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What is the additional assumption for repeated measure ANOVA?
Sphericity (only if 3 or more conditions)
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How do we test for sphericity
Maulchy's test (if < 0.05 assumption violated)
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Where do we look when sphericity is violated?
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When to look as post hoc tests?
When comparisons are sig.
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Two-way ANOVA
compares several means for 2 independent variables
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What are the effects you get of two-way ANOVA?
main effect of each variable; interaction between the two
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interaction effect
combines effect of two or more predictor variables
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main effect
the unique effect of a predictor variable
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What to report with 2x2 ANOVA
all the main effects and the interaction
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What to check in terms of normality and outliers
skewness, Kurtosis, Histograms, Boxplots, z-values
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multivariate normality
normal distribution to multiple variables
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multvariate outliers
combination of unusual scores on at least two variables
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homogenste of variance
variance of one variable is stable at all levels of another variable
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small effect size
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medium effect size
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large effect size
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Assumptions of all ANOVAS
normality, no outliers, multivariate normality. no multivariate outliers, homogeneity of variance, sphericity
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why not using multiple t-test?


because of the familywise error

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F ratio = ?


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Between groups


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within groups


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