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2. What is Anorexia nervosa?

  • eating disorder including extreme weight loss and anxiety
  • eating disorder where a person obsesses about fat people
  • eating disorder where person makes themself be sick
  • eating disorder involving anxiety

3. what did mckenzie say about AN?

  • women were jealous of other women
  • women thought they were thinner than others
  • women saw other women as thinner than them
  • women hate other women

4. what does bailer say about neurotransmitters in connection with AN?

  • serotonin is high in patients with AN
  • serotonin is normal
  • overactivity of dopamine
  • serotonin is low

5. what did fallon and rozin find about students and AN

  • only women get AN
  • men more realistic than women , women overestimate weight
  • women over estimate so do men
  • men under estimate so do women


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