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2. What is Anorexia nervosa?

  • eating disorder involving anxiety
  • eating disorder including extreme weight loss and anxiety
  • eating disorder where person makes themself be sick
  • eating disorder where a person obsesses about fat people

3. what is the cognitive approach to AN?

  • parenting
  • cognitive errors
  • foolish erros
  • SLT

4. What did surbey say about AN?

  • it was a way to survive when food rescources were sparse
  • It was a way for women to control sexual maturation
  • it was a way to attract all the males
  • a way of staying healthy

5. what does bruch say is the reason for anorexia ?

  • fear of growing up
  • lack of attention from mother
  • Ineffective parents who respond incorrectly to childs needs
  • father dying


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