Types of Animal Behaviour

A quick quiz that tests you on innate and learned behaviour, including classical/operant conditioning and habituation.

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1. Conditioned behaviour is an form of what?

  • Learned behaviour
  • Innate behaviour
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2. Sneezing is an example of what type of behaviour?

  • Classical conditioniting
  • Operant conditioning
  • Innate
  • Learned

3. A duck follows the first moving object it sees, thinking that this is their mother. What type of behaviour is this?

  • Operant conditioning
  • Other
  • Imprinting
  • Classical conditioning

4. Habituation is...

  • Recognising a stimulus as harmful and avoiding it.
  • Recognising a stimulus as beneficial .
  • Recognising a stimulus as non-beneficial and non-harmful, and ignores the stimulus.
  • Repeating a certain behaviour until it becomes a habit.

5. Earthworms reflexively move away from light. What is this called?

  • Vampire
  • Photosynthesis
  • Phototaxis
  • Photophobia


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