Andrew Marvell - The Garden, quotations

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Man's vanity, futile desire for worldly glory 'How...
...vainly men themselves amaze to win the palm, the oak or bays'
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Describes man's labours
'Uncessant labours'
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Limited reward 'crowned...
...from some single herb or tree'
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Little comfort and security provided, mocks their toil
'whose short and narrow verged shade does prudently their toils upbrade'
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More reward in the garden 'while...
all flow'rs and all trees do close to weave the garlands of repose'
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Qualities in the garden
'Fair quiet' 'and Innocence, her sister dear'
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Not actually in human company 'Mistaken...
...long I sought you then in busy companies as men'
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'... plants'
'sacred plants'
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Paradox - society vs solitude
'society is all but rude to this delicious solitude'
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Colour comparison 'no white...
...nor red was ever seen so am'rous as this lovely green'
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Lovers in the garden
'fond lovers. cruel as their flame, cut in these trees their mistress' name'
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Above human love
'how far these beauties hers exceed!'
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Conceit - would only wound trees to show love for trees themselves
'Fair trees! Wheres'e'er your barks I wound, no name shall but your own be found'
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Short lived human love
'when we have run our passion's heat, love hither makes his best retreat'
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Classical allusion
'that gods that mortal beauty chase still in a tree did end their race'
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Names classical characters to illustrate
'Apollo hunted Daphne so only that she might a laurel grow'
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Halts argument to reflect on good fortune
'What wondrous life is this I lead!'
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'ripe apples', 'curious peach', 'stumbling on melons'
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sensual imagery
'luscious clusters of the vine'
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Seduction, active imagery
'upon my mouth do crush their wine'
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No consequences, a comforting fall
'ensnared with flowers I fall on grass'
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Happiness in solitude (from sensual to spiritual)
'the mind from pleasures less withdraws into its happiness'
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Simplicity, thinking only about nature
'annihilating all that's made to a greed thought in a green shade'
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Extended metaphor 'ocean'
'transcending these for other worlds and other seas'
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Spiritual freedom
'my soul into the boughs does glide'
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Image of a bird, soul preparing for peaceful death ('longer flight')
'like a bird it sits, and sings, and whens and combs its silver wings'
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Beautiful image
'waves in its plumes the various light'
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Look back at Eden
'happy garden state'
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Without Eve
'man there walked without a mate'
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Original sin, fallibility of human condition
'beyond a mortal's share'
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Pondering how whole world could still be like the garden
'to live in paradise alone'
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Floral sundial
'fragrant zodiac'
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Light hearted - in praise of gardener
'how well the skillful gardener drew'
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Final couplet - joyful, exclamatory ending, 'wholesome' time
'how could such sweet and wholesome hours be reckoned but with herbs and flowers!'
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Card 2


'Uncessant labours'


Describes man's labours

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...from some single herb or tree'


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'whose short and narrow verged shade does prudently their toils upbrade'


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all flow'rs and all trees do close to weave the garlands of repose'


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