Ancient History Quiz ROMAN BRITAIN!

A quiz to challenge your knowledge of sources, politics and events of Roman Britain.

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1. Dio Cassius presents a scathing account on Claudius' contribution to the invasion in AD43.

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2. In Tacitus' "The Agricola" The former comments on troop withdrawals at the end of Agricola's govenorship, by saying:

  • Britain was taken and immediatly let go
  • Scotland was taken and immediatly let go
  • not a single fort esablished by Agricola was either stormed by the enemy or abandoned by capitulation or flight
  • he posted some troops, hoping for fresh conquests rather than fearing attack
  • The tribes in Caledonia flew to arms

3. Strabo said of the Britons...

  • They have have not the skill nor eloquence to write.
  • They are under the dominion of a great king.
  • They have milk but cannot make cheese.
  • They are barbaric in the extreme and ritually sacrifice humans.
  • They have milk, but do not drink it.

4. Millet's pollen analysis provides evidence for what?

  • The Britons had no agriculture before the Romans invaded.
  • That ground clearances occured to make way for crops.
  • That the Britons picked flowers for decoration.
  • Flowers that are now extinct grew in Roman Britain.
  • That the Britons had developed a sophisticated form of arable farming.

5. The Atrebates presented a strong resistance to the Roman invasion.

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