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2. Who helped Asclepios heal patients?

  • Panacea and Hygeia (his daughters)
  • Saint Joachim (greek saint)
  • Hypnos (the god of sleep)
  • Aphrodite (the goddess of love)

3. Which season is matched with Black Bile?

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Spring

4. Which is a benefit of an Asclepion?

  • Quiet surroundings
  • All of these
  • Clean conditions
  • Healthy diet

5. Which season is matched with Blood?

  • Winter
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Autumn


Isobel Black


very good resource!!!   ( But the idea of matching the 4 humours with different seasons was developed later by Galen during the roman period)

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