Ancient Egypt, - Sources

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1. inscribed in temple of Seti I, depiction of Seti and son paying respects to 75 royal ancestors, large part of list correlates with other evidence (reasonably reliable)?

  • Palermo Stone
  • Abydos Kinglist
  • Saqqara Kinglist
  • Turin Canon
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2. list of kings which survives in extracts, divides rulers into groups called 'dynasties', counts 30 dynasties, assumes kings ruled one after the other

  • Abydos Kinglist
  • Turin Canon
  • Manetho's Kinglist
  • Saqqara Kinglist

3. slab containing fragments of royal annals (historical data, tribute from Asia, trade?, minor military expeditions?)

  • Annals of Amenemhat II
  • Turin Canon
  • Palermo Stone
  • Annals of Sensuret I

4. When was Manetho writing?

  • during the reign of Amenemhat I or II
  • during the reign of Ptolemy I or II
  • during the reign of Rameses I or II
  • during the reign of Sensuret I or II

5. Writes about foreign people in his histories during the 5th Century BC, gets his information about Egypt from an Egyptian priest

  • Herodotus
  • Thucydides
  • Manetho
  • Pausanias


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