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2. 12th dynasty king who ruled for 34 years, established a co-regency with his son in 33rd regnal year, pyramid constructed at Dahshur?

  • Snefru
  • Seti I
  • Amenemhat II
  • Sensuret I

3. the 'bent' and 'red' pyramids were constructed during the reign of...?

  • King Amenehat II
  • King Snefru
  • King Djoser
  • King Sensuret II

4. site of tomb 100, the oldest tomb with painted decoration on plaster walls, also later tombs here..?

  • Memphis
  • Hierakonpolis
  • Saqqara
  • Abydos

5. reigned during the 4th dynasty for 24 years, built at least 3 pyramids, tried to achieve the 'true' pyramid shape?

  • King Khufu
  • King Snefru
  • King Amenehat I
  • King Djoser


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