Anatomy of the Shoulder (glenohumeral) & Hip (acetabulofemoral) Joints - MCQ/SBA (for BM5 NLM1)

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1. Name the main muscle principally responsible for abduction at the shoulder joint (clue: it's found laterally).

  • Deltoid (middle fibres)
  • Deltoid (anterior fibres)
  • Pectoralis Minor
  • Deltoid (posterior fibres)
  • Pectoralis Major
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2. Name the nerve found in the femoral triangle.

  • Tarsal Nerve
  • Obturator Nerve
  • Femoral nerve
  • Musculocutaneous Nerve
  • Sciatic Nerve

3. What are the two terminal branches of the posterior cord?

  • Radial & Axillary
  • Ulna & Axillary
  • Radial & Ulna
  • Axillary & Median
  • Musculocutaneous & Ulna

4. After divisions, the brachial plexus splits into cords, classified as posterior, lateral and medial. From which trunk(s) does the lateral cord come?

  • Anterior division of the superior & middle trunks
  • Posterior division
  • Anterior division of the inferior trunk
  • Anterior division of the middle and inferior trunks
  • Anterior division of the superior trunk

5. Identidy the main muscles that are attached to the posterior of the shoulder joint and permit extension of that joint.

  • Pectoralis Minor & posterior fibres of Deltoid
  • Latissimus Dorsi & posterior fibres of Deltoid
  • Serratus Posterior & Latissimus Dorsi
  • Trapezius & posterior fibred of Deltoid
  • Pectoralis Minor & Latissimus Dorsi


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