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2. Name the main muscles that cause flexion at the hip joint (clue: found anterior to the joint).

  • Quadraceps Femoris & Semimembrinosus
  • Illiopsoas & Biceps Femoris
  • Illiopsoas & Semitendinosus
  • Illiopsoas & Quadraceps Femoris
  • Quadraceps Femoris & Semitendinosus

3. In relation to the shoulder and hip joints, what is the labrum?

  • A section of the epiphyseal growth plate that allows the continous growth of the shoulder and hip joint
  • A fibrocartilaginous ring that attaches and acts around the joint fossa to deepen it
  • A ligament that attaches the 'ball' to the 'socket' and prevents slippage
  • A tendon that attaches over the joint and acts to hold it in place
  • A section of synovial membrane that acts over the major pressure point to reduce friction

4. The capsule that covers the long head (tendon) of biceps brachii is thickened, forming a ligament over the intertubercular groove. Name that ligament!

  • Transverse humeral ligament
  • Bicuspid ligament
  • Bicipital ligament
  • Intertubercular ligament
  • Oblique ligament

5. After divisions, the brachial plexus splits into cords, classified as posterior, lateral and medial. From which trunk(s) does the lateral cord come?

  • Anterior division of the superior & middle trunks
  • Anterior division of the middle and inferior trunks
  • Anterior division of the superior trunk
  • Posterior division
  • Anterior division of the inferior trunk


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