Anatomy of the Heart

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1. The superficial part of the pericardium is known as the fibrous pericardium, this is tough and is there to _____

  • Both are correct
  • Prevent the heart from overfilling with blood
  • Anchors the heart to the surrounding structures
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2. The posterior and anterior regions of the right atria are separated by a C shaped ridge called the

  • Chordae tendineae
  • Crista terminalis
  • Fossa ovalis

3. The capillary beds of the myocardium drain into the

  • Superior vena vava
  • Cardiac veins
  • Aorta

4. Cusps are __________ reinforced by connective tissue

  • Myocardium
  • Endocardium
  • Endothelium

5. The three veins that enter the right atrium are

  • Superior and inferior vena cava and the coronary sinus
  • Atria, inferior and superior vena cava


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