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2. What is the origin of the muscle trapezius?

  • Nuchal and supraspinous ligament from C2 to T10
  • Nuchal crest
  • Nuchal and supraspinous ligament from c4 to T10
  • Temporal bone

3. What is the origin of the semitendenousus

  • Vertebral head: ast two sacral and first two caudal vertebra; tail fascia and sacrosciatic ligt. Pelvic head: Ventral aspect of ischial tuber
  • Vertebral head: two caudal vertebra and tail fascia
  • Vertebral head: Two sacral and caudal vertebra; tail fascia
  • Pelvic head: ventral aspect of the ichial tuber and caudal vertebra

4. What is the insertion of the deltoideus?

  • caudal border of scapular spine and clavicular scapula
  • clavicular scapular
  • Clavicular: clavicular inscrption Scapular: Aponeurotically from scapular spine, fleshy from caudal border of scapular
  • Clavicula scapular

5. what is the origin of the tensor fascia latae?

  • scapular spine
  • humerus
  • coxal tuber
  • tuber ischi


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