An Introduction to Criminal Law

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1. What courts hear criminal cases?

  • Supreme Court or Crown Court
  • Magistrates' Court or Crown Court
  • Magistrates' Court or High Court
  • County Court or Magistrates' Court
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2. What decisions are made in criminal law?

  • Wins or loses case
  • Prison or freedom
  • Guilty or not guilty
  • Liable or not liable

3. What sort of names would you see in criminal courts?

  • Jones v Lloyd; XYZ Ltd v Lloyd
  • HRH v Lloyd; CPS v Lloyd
  • R v Lloyd; DPP v Lloyd
  • R v Lloyd; S v Lloyd

4. What are the powers of criminal courts?

  • Home arrest, community order, discharge, prison
  • Prison, fine, curfew, discharge
  • Prison, fine, community order, discharge
  • Fine, discharge, community order, relocation

5. Who starts a criminal trial?

  • The CPS alone
  • The victims of crime
  • The State, usually through the CPS
  • The State, never through the CPS


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