An Introduction to Criminal Law

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1. What is the purpose of a criminal trial?

  • To compensate individuals
  • To decide if the defendant is guilty
  • To decide if there has been a breach of rights
  • To create new precedents
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2. Who make the decisions in criminal cases?

  • Judge and Jury
  • Magistrates or Jury
  • Magistrates and Jury
  • Magistrates

3. What is the standard of proof needed in criminal cases?

  • On the balance of doubt
  • Beyond all doubt
  • Beyond reasonable doubt
  • On the balance of probabilities

4. What is the purpose of Criminal Law?

  • To punish offenders, protect society and reduce nationwide crime levels
  • To maintain law and order, punish offenders and protect society
  • To maintain law and order, punish offenders and uphold individual's rights
  • To maintain law and order, protect society and compensate individuals

5. What are the powers of criminal courts?

  • Fine, discharge, community order, relocation
  • Prison, fine, community order, discharge
  • Prison, fine, curfew, discharge
  • Home arrest, community order, discharge, prison


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