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"Its exactly the same port as your father gets"
Birling to Gerald, trying to impress him
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"Absolutely unsinkable"
Birling- Dramatic Irony
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"I speak as a hard headed business man"
Birling- believes being emotionless is a desired trait
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"Its about time you learnt to face a few responsibilites"
Birling to Eric - Irony
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"except from all last summer when you never came near me"
Shiela to Gerald- Mystery
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"Why you fool he knows of course he knows"
Sheila to Gerald - shows Geralds naivity
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"For lower costs and higher prices"
Birling - shows class
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"A man has to make his own way"
Birling- arrogant and selfish, idea of rugged individualism
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"All mixed up like bee's in a hive"
Birling refering to classes- simile
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"Community and all that nonsense"
Birling - thinks hes better than working class
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"Just keep quiet Eric"
Birling - treating Erin like a child, shows relationship
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"I dont like your tone"
Birling to Inspector - Thinks hes superior
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"Nothing to do with you Sheila, now run along"
Birling to Sheila - shows how woman were thought of, patronizing
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"What is the matter with that child"
Birling - doesnt understand his child
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"As soon as i mentioned the name Daisy Renton it was obvious you'd known her"
Inspector to Gerald - increasing control of Inspector
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"This disgusting affair"
Mrs Birling - refering to the class mix rather than her daughters feelings
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"You and I aren't the same people who sat down to dinner here"
Sheila- shows break down in her and Geralds relationship
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"Public men, Mr Birling have responsibilites as well as privaledges"
Inspector - sarcastic tone, nobody is superior
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Sheila accuses her mother of not recognising Eva smith in the photo
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"Girls of the class"
Mrs Birling- how she views society, thinks shes more important
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"Mother I think that it was cruel and vile"
Sheila to Mrs Birling - shows family relationship
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" and you think young women ought to be protected against unpleasant things"
Inspector to Gerald after he asks Sheila to leave- Irony and hypocritcy as Eva was not protected
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"we'll have to share our guilt"
Inspector - all have responsibilty for Eva
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"Some young men drink far to much " - Inspector
" And Eric's one of them" - Sheila
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"Lord Mayor two years ago"
Mrs Birling refering to Mr Birling - trying to threaten Inspector with there status
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"As if a girl of that sort would ever refuse money"
Mrs Birling- class predujice
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"First the girl herself" Mrs Birling
"(Bitterly) for letting father and me have her chucked out of her jobs" - Sheila
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Stage direction - " Sudden Alarm"
Sheila relises that Eric is the "drunken young idler" Mrs Birling ignores Sheila's warnings to stop as she wants the Inspector to do his 'duty'
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"There must be some mistake" " You're not the type, you don't get drunk"
Mrs Birling to Eric - shows she doesnt really know her son
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"You stole the money" - Inspector
" Not really" - Eric - shows deniel
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" You killed her"
Eric to his mum - blames her for Eva's Death, shows he has morals
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"In fire, blood and anguish"
Inspector - metaphor and words are religious
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"There are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths"
Inspector - repetition, emotive language
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" We are members of one body"
Inspector - metaphor, inclusive
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"You dont seem to have learnt anything"
Sheila to Birling - shows generations
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"it matters a devil of a lot"
Birling - after finding out Inspector wasnt real
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" You'd better ask Gerald for that ring you gave back to him, hadn't you"
Birling - pretends everything is normal again, doesnt care about his daughters feelings
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Birling- Dramatic Irony


"Absolutely unsinkable"

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Birling- believes being emotionless is a desired trait


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Birling to Eric - Irony


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Shiela to Gerald- Mystery


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