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2. What was the point for the inspector to be at the Birling's house?

  • To get them to admit to what they had done
  • To hunt down Dan Blades, son of Ali Blades.
  • Because he heard about the group **** that was taking place.
  • He was tryna sell them mi sold PPI

3. What did Eva/ Daisy drink to kill herself

  • J20 apple and lime flavour
  • Disinfectant the srong kind
  • She didnt drink anything Tyrone killed her witha rusty chicken bone
  • Capol

4. Complete the sentence: Athur Birling is ______

  • A grime artist like P Money
  • A capitalist
  • A peadophile
  • Ali Kabiri Blades' dad

5. Who is Sheila Birling?

  • Eric's "pharmacist"
  • Daughter of Arthur Birling and Sybil
  • Some *** who turned up
  • Ali Blades' secret admirer


Master Luke

I love chicken noodles


I guarantee you, my meds won't wear off during this exam.

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