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2. What did Eva/ Daisy drink to kill herself

  • Disinfectant the srong kind
  • J20 apple and lime flavour
  • Capol
  • She didnt drink anything Tyrone killed her witha rusty chicken bone

3. Who wrote the play?

  • Ali Kabiri Blades
  • Rolf Harris
  • J.B.Priestley
  • Elvis Presley

4. How many characters are in the entire play?

  • 2 Mr and Mrs Birling
  • 7
  • Like 12
  • 1 the inspector

5. Who killed Eva/ Daisy

  • Eric when he was drunk
  • The Inspector
  • Everyone played a part
  • Tyrone the black dude in the background of the play


Master Luke


I love chicken noodles



I guarantee you, my meds won't wear off during this exam.



Props to you for making me laugh while revising mate.

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