An Inspector Calls - English

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1. Why is Eric not seen much in the play?

  • He doesn't like to be seen with his family but going out and being drunk.
  • Becuase he feels isolated from his family.
  • Mr Birling found out that he drinks and stole money from his office and kicked him out.
  • He got kicked out from the house.
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2. Name the thing that Gerald did to Eva Smith?

  • Gave her enough money so she can go on a holiday.
  • Gave her a flat and money to live on and kept for her 6 months but after that left her and went to get engaged to Sheila.
  • Introduced her to his family and made her live in his house but she had to work as a servant.
  • Left her homeless on the street.

3. Does Eric and Sheila change?

  • Yes, they go from immature to being responsible.
  • They go from being sensible to naughty.
  • They go from being rude to insolent.
  • They go from being good to bad.

4. What kind of reaction do we see when Mr Birling first finds out that a girl commited suicide in the Infirmary?

  • He doesn't care
  • Shocked
  • Upset
  • Devastated

5. What does Mr Birling call his workers?

  • Servants
  • Hardworking employers
  • Cheap labour
  • Helpful people


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