An Inspector Calls - General questions.

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1. What is the role of Inspector Goole?

  • To educate the Birlings and Gerald about social responsibility.
  • To take money from them for Evas death.
  • To persuade Sheila and Gerald not to marry.
  • To inform Mr Birling he's wrong about the Titanic and the World War.
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2. What did Sheila do to Eva?

  • Didn't let her talk to/about her.
  • Got her fired from Milwards.
  • Threw an item at her.
  • Ordered her around in a bar.

3. What did Mrs Birling do to Eva?

  • She bullied her.
  • She forced her to leave her house because she wasn't paying the right amount of money for rent.
  • She refused to help her and give her support.
  • She didn't serve her the right alcohol.

4. What did Gerald do to Eva?

  • He never contacted her after two summers.
  • He helped her, for his own benefit, before leaving her.
  • He ignored her.
  • He gave her a ring that she didn't like.

5. What did Eric do to Eva?

  • He never gave her the money she needed/wanted.
  • He got her pregnant.
  • He refused to help her.
  • He injured her severely.


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