Amino Acids

A test on pages 48-49 of the OCR A A2 chemistry textbook

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1. What is a peptide?

  • A compound formed from monomer units bonded by ester linkages.
  • A compound formed through a condensation reaction.
  • A compound made of amino acids linked by peptide bonds.
  • A compound made of carboxylic acids linked by peptide bonds.
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2. What is a zwitterion?

  • The pH value at which the amino acid exists as an isoelectric ion.
  • A dipolar ionic form of an amino acid that is formed by the donation of a hydrogen ion from the carboxyl group to the amino group.
  • A positively charged form of the amino acid.
  • A negatively charged form of the amino acid.

3. What are amino acids soluble in?

  • Bases
  • Acids and bases
  • Acids
  • Everything

4. The R group on an amino acid can contain...

  • OH, SH, COOH, NH2
  • COOH, O, NH
  • SH, NH2, O, OH
  • NH2

5. What are assembled into proteins?

  • Acids
  • Esters
  • Amino acids
  • Carboxylic acids


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