American Wild West

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1. Where did they put the scapls which they took?

  • Carried them around with them
  • They left them where they fell
  • They were dried and hung on the tipi
  • They turned them into tools
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2. Why were Jim Averill and Ella Watson killed?

  • Jim had an arguement with the cattle barons over his land
  • He called cattle barons land grabbers and she accepted cattle as payment
  • She was an illegal prostitue who he set up jobs for
  • He was a rustler and she didn't tell on him

3. Why did the sioux not suffer from public health problems?

  • They lived near rivers so that they remained clean
  • They did
  • They were nomadic
  • They were very clean and tidy

4. How did the US army react?

  • Granted Pardon as long as they came under their rule
  • Gave Brigham Young a warning
  • They attcked and killed all of the mormons at salt lake
  • They did nothing

5. What would they be given through their visions?

  • The freedom to marry
  • The status of a chief
  • Their adult name
  • Knowledge of the past


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