American Wild West

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1. How did volunteers on the reservations make matters worse?

  • Went on killing sprees
  • They lacked discipline and were politically motivated
  • They didn't know how go to negotiate
  • They made it better
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2. Who were the first non-indians to travel west?

  • The Cowboys
  • The mountain men
  • The settlers
  • The mormons

3. Why were armed gaurds hired by coach companies?

  • To protect themsleves from the buffalo
  • In case the indians attacked
  • In case of robberies
  • They weren't

4. Which indian tribe were dangerous to the mountain men?

  • Crow
  • Sioux
  • Blackfoot
  • Cheyenne

5. What kind of attacks did the Mormons launch on the on coming troops?

  • Guerrilla attacks
  • They ran away
  • They surrendered
  • Everyone charged at them


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