American Wild West

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1. What problems did water shortages cause to the homesteaders?

  • They had nothing to drink
  • They would smell as they could not wash
  • Could lead to crop failure, starvation and brankruptcy - no rivers or wells
  • Nothing - it didn't make any difference
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2. Why was polygamy common?

  • Husbands were lost in battle, more children, everyone was cared for
  • It wasn't
  • They copied the Mormons
  • More women than men, husbands lost in battle, men were greedy

3. Why were armed gaurds hired by coach companies?

  • In case of robberies
  • In case the indians attacked
  • They weren't
  • To protect themsleves from the buffalo

4. 1844 what revelation caused problems for some mormons?

  • Polygamy was acceptable
  • The Indians were the enemy
  • They could no longer practice polygamy
  • There wasn't one

5. In 1840 whose territory was the Great Plains?

  • Mexicans
  • Americans
  • Native American Indians
  • Spanish


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