American Wild West

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1. What artificial advantage did the Indians have over the Whites in the battle of little bighorn?

  • They had better weapons - winchester repeating rifles
  • They could communicate via telephone
  • They didn't have one
  • They had infra red detectors to tell them people were coming
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2. Which fort did little crow fail to capture?

  • Fort Laramiie
  • Fort Ridgely
  • New Ulm
  • Fort Sumner

3. How did the Railroad help with the move to the Plains?

  • Easier to get their, could buy cheap land at the edge of the railroad
  • It didn't
  • The noise was familiar
  • People didn't like the trains so got off early so had to settle on the plains

4. What confused the settlers about the sioux decision making?

  • Only the chiefs and elders made decisions
  • They were not obligated to follow
  • They all made the decision
  • The band were forced to follow

5. Who stopped 303 Indians from being killed?

  • Sitting Bull
  • The Indian affairs bureau
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • The Sheriff


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