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2. Why did they have to believe in manifest destiny?

  • The president told them that they had to
  • If they didn't they were going against america and gods will
  • It was the only way to justify what they did to the Indians
  • They didn't

3. What political factor led to lawlessness?

  • People carried guns
  • A shortage of enforcing officers
  • There was no lawlessness
  • There were no political factors

4. Why did individuals go to battle?

  • They were told to by the council
  • Gain wealth, personal glory, they wanted to kill the enemy
  • Prove bravery, gain wealth, test their spiritual power, increase their tribal standing
  • Steal their horses so that they can not hunt, prove their skills to become chief

5. Why were armed gaurds hired by coach companies?

  • They weren't
  • To protect themsleves from the buffalo
  • In case of robberies
  • In case the indians attacked


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