American Wild West

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1. What did the ban on dances and ceremonies mean?

  • The were now atheists
  • Many converted to christians
  • They were persecuted for practicing them
  • They remained faithful to their spirit
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2. How did the Indians react when the europeans brought diseases?

  • They attacked the europeans
  • They stayed put and worked up an immune system
  • They moved to the great plains as they had no resistance to the diseases
  • They all died

3. What was Abilene advertised as?

  • A free lodging
  • Capital city
  • A shipping point for cattle
  • A fun place

4. How did the sioux children learn?

  • Boys and Girls were taught to hunt using bows and arrows
  • From their parents
  • They had to learn how to survive by themselves
  • They went to school

5. When was the peak in cattle ranching?

  • 1880 - 1885
  • there wasn't one
  • 1880 - 1890
  • 1875


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