American Wild West

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1. Why did they have to believe in manifest destiny?

  • The president told them that they had to
  • They didn't
  • If they didn't they were going against america and gods will
  • It was the only way to justify what they did to the Indians
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2. How did the mormons treat the Indians?

  • The Indians were savages
  • They same way they treated the gentiles
  • As equals
  • They were superior

3. Who brought Cattle to america?

  • They were already there
  • spanish
  • european ranchers
  • Indians

4. Why did the missionaires move west?

  • There was no one left to convert in the east
  • To make money out of the new settlers
  • They wanted to convert the Indians
  • Wanted land to themselves

5. What part of the buffalo did they use to make soap?

  • The tounge
  • The heart
  • The fat
  • The gall


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