American Wild West

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1. What rumours made the gentiles hate the mormons even more?

  • The mormons were planning an attack
  • The mormons caused the economic depression
  • They were stirring up the Indians and freeing slaves
  • There wasn't any
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2. When was the sundance performed?

  • Only ever performed by Sitting Bull
  • Before a buffalo hunt
  • For guidance in battle or when someone was ill
  • After a victory in battle to thank the spirit

3. How did the ranchers produce better quality meat but still be able to keep the cattle alive in the winter?

  • They crossbred the buffalo and the cattle
  • They didn't
  • They interbred the texas longhorn with eatern animals
  • The cattle ate more so tasted better

4. Who were fence cutters?

  • The Indians
  • The homesteaders
  • The cowboys
  • The cattle barons

5. What were the buffalo hunted for?

  • Food and Sport
  • To get rid of them
  • Food
  • Sport


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