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2. How did the ranchers produce better quality meat but still be able to keep the cattle alive in the winter?

  • The cattle ate more so tasted better
  • They crossbred the buffalo and the cattle
  • They interbred the texas longhorn with eatern animals
  • They didn't

3. When and Who discovered Gold in the Sierra foothills?

  • James Marshall - 1848
  • Jed Smith 1823
  • Joseph Smith - 1848
  • Sam Brennan - 1849

4. When were dances and ceremonies used?

  • When the whole tribe needed to contact the spirit world
  • Before a buffalo hunt
  • When one person needed to contact the spirit world
  • Special occaisions such as birthdays

5. When were the medicine men consulted?

  • In all aspects of life: health, hunting and war
  • Health and spiritual guidance
  • Only in health
  • Only war and hunting


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