American West

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1. Name 3 parts of the buffalo used for items in the home.

  • Cutlery made from horns, bedsheets made from tanned hide, fireplaces made from bones
  • Spoons made from the horns, soap made from fat, hooves crafted into tools.
  • Dung was used as fuel, bones were made into pencils, horns made cups
  • Tanned hide for tipi covers, hooves for toys, tendons made into rugs
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2. What were the three main uses of horses for Plains Indians?

  • Hunting buffalo (creates stampede), carries belongings when moving (travois form a sort of cart), used in warfare (quick escapes, traded horses for guns etc.)
  • Used in warfare (quick escapes etc.), hides used for tipis, attached to travois to carry belongings.
  • Used for horse racing (betting in the tribe), used to hunt white men, carries belongings when moving
  • Hunting buffalo, slaughtered for it's meat, traded for food with white men

3. Name 2 parts of the buffalo used for religious reasons.

  • Meat used as sacrifice, ground hooves used to paint pictures during rituals
  • Painted hooves used for prayer, hide made into religious robes
  • Painted skull used for rituals, horns made into head-dresses
  • Stretched hide formed drums, and bones were used as drumsticks

4. Name 3 parts of the buffalo used for warfare.

  • Hair used as fletchings on arrows, bones used as bows, raw hide used as shields
  • Horns acted as arrow straighteners, bones were crafted into knives, raw hide was used as shields
  • Tanned hide worn as disguises during ambushes, swords made from bones, hooves used as ammunition for catapults
  • Shields were made from flattened skulls, bones sharpened to from arrows, horns were used as knives

5. What were 3 of the 5 main challenges faced by Plains Indians?

  • Extinct food source, high speed winds and no weapons.
  • Lack of wind, no food and the low temperatures
  • High speed winds, extremes in temperature and the need to move frequently.
  • High temperatures, lack of shelter and rough terrain


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