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In January 2018 what did Trump describe countries such as Haiti, El Salvador and parts of Africa as?
**** hole countries
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What does Steve Bannon refer to his white male critics as?
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In which 3 areas are people more likely to vote for Trump?
Poor areas, very rich areas and predominantly white areas
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What was the median household income of Trump's supporters?
$72,000 (double that of African Americans)
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By how many points did Trump win white men?
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What was the unemployment rate for young blacks in 2016 compared to whites?
20.6% for blacks and 9.9% for whites
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What percentage of the white working class voted for Trump?
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What percentage of blacks voted for Trump?
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In what year did David Duke nearly win one of the Senate seats for Louisiana?
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In the West Virginia 2008 Democratic primary, what percentage of the voters were white?
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What are the 10 promises made by Trump on immigration? Part 1
Build the border wall, End catch-and-release, Enhance the pursuit of unauthorised immigrants who have committed crimes, Crack down on sanctuary cities, End Obama-era programs that protect unauthorised immigrants
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Part 2
Introduce a travel ban and extreme vetting, Ensure countries accept their deported nationals, Complete the biometric entry-exit system, Turn off the jobs and benefits magnet, Reform the legal immigration system
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How much money has Trump asked for over the next 10 years to build half of the border wall?
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What 2 policies have been implemented to end catch-and-release?
federal prosecutors now prioritise the prosecution of criminal immigration violations and sponsors of unaccompanied minors now a target for arrest
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Since 2016 the number of ICE detainees has increase by how much?
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How many agreements have been signed in 2017 for the 287(g) partnership?
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What law would increase the mandatory minimum sentences for illegal re-entry?
Kate's law
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What does the Davis-Oliver Act do?
Allows local law enforcement to arrest just for being unauthorised, ICE officers carry guns, stops states from restricting cooperation with federal authorities
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Despite Trump's executive order to get 10,000 more ICE agents and 5000 more Border Patrol agents how many more did he get?
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Despite not creating the Deportation task force promised how much has ICE arrests and removals increased by?
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After a federal 4 day enforcement which resulted in 500 immigrant arrests, how many states became more cooperative?
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After stopping renewals for people under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action why were renewals re-continued?
A federal judge in San Diego ordered him to
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How many people lost their temporary protection because of Trump?
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There were 61,094 removals by ICE agents in 2017. How much of an increase from 2016 was it?
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How many times has Trump tried to introduce a travel ban?
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Under Obama in 2017, the number of refugees accepted was 110,000. What was it under Trump?
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How many countries are considered "inadequate" for the vetting process?
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In 2016 Obama had 23 countries un-cooperating in accepting their deported nationals. How many is it under Trump?
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Despite having no evidence of a bio-metric entry-exit system, what was supposed to introduce one?
The first 2 travel bans
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During 2017 the users of E-Verify increased by 64,739 users to reach a total of what?
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The 2017 Executive Order "Buy American and Hire American" did what?
Encouraged the Department of Justice, Homeland, State and Labour Homeland to issue new rules to prevent fraud and abuse in the immigration system
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Trump's 3 main successes
elected Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court, Appointment of many federal judges, Passage of a major tax bill of $1.5bn
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Trump's 3 main failures
Couldn't repeal Obamacare, Ineffectiveness in reforming immigration legislation, minimal legislative achievements despite having the House and Senate
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What does Steve Bannon refer to his white male critics as?



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What was the median household income of Trump's supporters?


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