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JOHNSON- Civil Rights Act (1964)
Ended legally enforced segregation in the South, but didn't amend voting
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JOHNSON- Voting Rights Act (1965)
Amended voting.
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JOHNSON- Fair Housing Act (1968)
Prohibited discrimination in the sale/rental of housing.
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JOHNSON- Executive Order of 1965
Required any institution receiving federal funding to employ more non-whites.
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JOHNSON- Economic Opportunity Act [EOA] (1964)
Established the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) to co-ordinate the War on Poverty.
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JOHNSON- What were two acclaimed OEO programmes? And what did they do?
Head Start and Upward Bound. Head Start helped (1m) disadvantaged kids from poor backgrounds get ready for school so they weren't behind, and Upward Bound helped get (50k) disadvantaged high school kids with college potential to college.
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JOHNSON- Which of Kennedy's Acts did Johnson extend?
Food Stamp Act (1964)
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JOHNSON- How far did the minimum wage rise by?
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JOHNSON- How far did the amount of Americans in poverty fall by?
17% (by 1965) to 11% (by 1972)
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JOHNSON- How far did federal expenditure increase by?
$13bn (in 1963) to $20bn (in 1966)
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JOHNSON- Housing and Urban Development Act [HUD] (1964)
Co-ordinated various housing programmes to combat housing shortages.
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JOHNSON- Demonstration Cities Act (1966)
Slum clearance- Johnson estimated that it'd cost $2.4bn, whereas New York Times suggested $6bn for NYC alone. It was underfunded at $1.2bn. Ineffective as it was focussed on 150 cities, and not 6, which would be more effective.
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JOHNSON- Omnibus Housing Act (1965)
Financed rent supplemented as well as $8bn worth of low and moderate income housing in the ghettos.
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JOHNSON- Wilderness Act (1964)
Protected 9.1m acres of federal land.
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JOHNSON- Highway Beautification Act (1965)
Decreased billboard advertising and eliminated junkyards.
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JOHNSON- Water Quality and Clean Air Acts (1965) and Clean Water Restoration Act (1965)
Gave the government authority to act against water and air pollution. Advantages outweighed disadvantages, despite criticisms about government intervention.
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JOHNSON- Medicare (1965)
Federally-funded health insurance for over-65s and those with disabilities. 19m Americans enrolled by 1966.
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JOHNSON- Medicaid (1965)
Gave financial assistance to states to help them provide medical care to citizens who couldn't afford it. Medicare increased the amount the state and federal govt.s spent on healthcare for poor ppl by $1.3bn to over $2bn.
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JOHNSON- How far did total Medicare costs rise by between 1966 and 1993?
$3.5bn in 1966 to $144bn in 1993.
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JOHNSON- What % of GNP was spent on Healthcare between 1965 and 1990?
5% in 1965 to 15% in 1990.
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JOHNSON- How much was spent on the Great Society compared to the Vietnam War between 1965-1973?
$15.5bn was spent on the Great Society but $120bn was spent on the Vietnam War.
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JOHNSON- What were the general (statistics) problems with education?
54m Americans never finishing High School, 8m having under 5 years of schooling, and 100k with proven ability for college being unable because of finances.
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JOHNSON- How far did federal expenditure on education increase by?
It doubled to $8bn.
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JOHNSON- Elementary and Secondary Education Act [ESEA] (1965)
Intended to be anti-poverty but wasn't, as by 1985 the National Institute of Education estimated half the expenditure had gone to kids above the poverty line. But 6.7m kids still benefitted.
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JOHNSON- Higher Education Act [HEA] (1965)
11m poorer students benefited from the $650m provided. By 1970, 25% of College students had benefited from the HEA. But the number of students rose from 15% ('50) to 34% ('70) to 52% ('90) out of all 18-22 year-olds.
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JOHNSON- Voting Rights Act (1965)


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JOHNSON- Fair Housing Act (1968)


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JOHNSON- Executive Order of 1965


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