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2. Why can it be argued that altruism is not pro evolutionary?

  • It is not evolutionary stable strategy ESS
  • None of the above
  • If all humans and species did altruistic acts our species would fail to flourish
  • Overtime human beings and other species have evolved to be self sufficient

3. What is the key concept of the Darwinian theory?

  • Survival of the strongest
  • Survival of the weak not strong
  • Survival of fittest and reproductive sucess
  • Species survival through the death of competing species

4. What is Altruism?

  • Self sacrificing behaviour - the donor incurs reproductive cost (c) while the recipient incurs reproductive benefit (b)
  • The process in which all humans do a self sacrificing act
  • The survival of one species through sacrificing resources
  • The hinderance if reproductive success to the recipient

5. What is the best way to win Tit for Tat

  • Cooperate first and forgive near the end of the game
  • Cooperate on the first move & always be forgiving
  • Cooperate first and forgive every other go
  • Cooperate last and hold grudges


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