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1. NRA

  • To restore cofidence in the banking system
  • To improve working conditions in industries (includes fixed wages)
  • To increase the amount of children working in factories
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2. PWA

  • To increase the amount of working hours
  • To create jobs for tthe unemployed (by building flats, schools, roads, bridges and airports, etc)
  • To increase the amount of people in a house

3. FSA

  • A short term loan for families to get to start a small business
  • A long Term grant for poor farmers to buy land and a family sized homes
  • A Place where farmers went in order to get jobs

4. AAA

  • To give aid to those who needed it most
  • To Boost Farmer's income
  • To boost Teacher's income

5. RA

  • To discourage sleeping on the job
  • To combact rural poverty by resettling 500,000 families
  • To enable state government to donate money to Hobos


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