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2. How are the sheets bonded together in graphite?

  • By van der Waals forces
  • The atoms are attracted to the delocalised electron
  • By hydrophobic interactions
  • By permanent dipole- dipole forces

3. Why is graphite slippery?

  • Each carbon atom is bonded to three others at 120· which make it easy to break the bonds.
  • The weak bonds between the layers are easily broken.
  • The bonds between each carbon atom break easily.

4. Which bonding does graphite have?

  • Three pi bonds each
  • Four pi bonds each
  • Three sigma bonds each
  • Four sigma bonds each

5. Why is graphite less dense than diamond?

  • There are many sheets.
  • The bonds formed are weaker.
  • The layers are far apart
  • The sheets have a hexagonal shape.


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