All Blues - QUIZ

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1. The Frontline section is the group of instruments which plays the main melody and has the most prominent solos. These are:

  • Trumpet and piano
  • Bass, alto sax. and trumpet
  • Trumpet, alto sax. and tenor sax
  • Saxophones
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2. Trumpet solo is made of 4 choruses. The motifs are:

  • Short
  • Long and syncopated
  • Short and syncopated
  • Rhythmic and short

3. This piece has no score. Davis gave the players the overall structure, basic chord sequence and _________ and let them improvise their solos.

  • main melodic idea
  • syncopation idea
  • scalic idea
  • tonal idea

4. The structure is basic. It has an intro (opening 4 bars) played by the rhythm section and then a riff. The next section is called the:

  • Syncopated section
  • Arm
  • Head
  • Leg

5. The order of solos goes:

  • Trumpet, alto sax., tenor sax. and piano (each followed by a riff)
  • Alto sax., tenor sax., piano and trumpet
  • Piano, trumpet, alto sax. and tenor sax.
  • Tenor sax., alto sax., piano and trumpet


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