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2. The head melody is simple. It is made of:

  • Rising 5th - B to E
  • Rising 6ths - A to G
  • Rising 6ths - D to B
  • Motifs

3. The solos are followed by another head and riff. The coda is a solo for:

  • Muted trumpet
  • Alto sax.
  • Tenor sax.
  • Piano

4. The Rhythm section is the group of instruments which plays the harmonic and rhythmic backing. These are:

  • Piano (which has a short solo), trumpet and bass
  • Bass and trumpet
  • Piano (which has a short solo), bass and drums
  • Bass and drums

5. The piano solo is made of 2 choruses. It is:

  • Made of a much more complicated melody
  • Calmer and with a simpler melody
  • Much faster


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