Language and gender - Theories

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1. What did Trudgill say women tended to use?

  • Received Pronunciation.
  • Prestige pronunciation, as they tended towards hypercorectness.
  • Regional accents.
  • Low prestige pronunciation.
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2. Which theory did Zimmerman and West propose?

  • Difference theory
  • Dominace theory
  • Defecit theory

3. What does the Dominance theory propose?

  • Women are more dominant in mixed-sex conversations.
  • Men interrupt more than women, as men are more dominant, and women are seen as the subordinate group.
  • Men talk more than women.

4. What did Pamela Fishman propose?

  • Mixed-sex conversation sometimes fails, not because of female-talk, but because of how men respond, or don't respond.
  • Mixed-sex conversations fail.
  • Mixed-sex conversations don't fail.

5. Which one of the following is NOT one of the six contrasts proposed by Tannen?

  • Orders vs. Proposals
  • Advice vs. Understanding
  • Status vs. Support
  • Orders vs. Commands
  • Conflict vs. Compromise
  • Information vs. Feelings
  • Independence vs. Intimacy


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