Language and gender - Theories

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1. Which one of the following is NOT one of the six contrasts proposed by Tannen?

  • Independence vs. Intimacy
  • Information vs. Feelings
  • Orders vs. Commands
  • Conflict vs. Compromise
  • Advice vs. Understanding
  • Orders vs. Proposals
  • Status vs. Support
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2. Which one of these is NOT one of Lakoff's assumptions of women's language?

  • Uses empty adjectives e.g. lovely, adorable
  • Avoids expletives
  • Uses fewer apologies
  • Uses hedges e.g. sort of, kind of

3. Who proposed the Deficit theory?

  • Jennifer Coates
  • Robin Lakoff
  • Deborah Tannen

4. What does the Deficit theory propose?

  • The language of males and females is deficit.
  • Male language is treated as the standard or norm, and female's as deficient.
  • Males are seen as the subordinate group.

5. How does Deborah Cameron support the deficit model?

  • Women's terms are marked so power lies in the norm, which is the male form.
  • Agrees with Lakoff.
  • Some terms are marked so power lies in the norm, which is the original form.


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