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2. Why is the date that Of Mice and Men was published significant?

  • It's not significant
  • It was in the depression and has a lot to do with the novel
  • Everyone was rich
  • It was a fun time and everyone had jobs

3. Why don't the men on the ranch like Curley's wife?

  • She killed one of their wives
  • She is known as a 'tart' by the men as she likes to flirt
  • She stole a gun off of them
  • She killed Candy's dog

4. Where do you correctly use AFOREST?

  • Of mice and men
  • Writing to persuade/argue
  • Unseen Poetry
  • Conflict Poetry

5. Why is the concept of dreaming important in Of Mice and Men?

  • The men couldn't dream
  • The men didn't know what dreams were
  • If they didn't have a 'dream' then nothing would keep them going through the hard times, the American dream was to own your own business and make lots of money.
  • The whole novel is a dream


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