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2. Why is the concept of dreaming important in Of Mice and Men?

  • If they didn't have a 'dream' then nothing would keep them going through the hard times, the American dream was to own your own business and make lots of money.
  • The whole novel is a dream
  • The men couldn't dream
  • The men didn't know what dreams were

3. What does LIST mean?

  • Life, Imagery, Safe, Time
  • Life, Input, Safe, Time
  • Language, Imagery, Structure, Tone/Theme
  • Language, Input, Structure, Tone/Theme

4. Why is the date that Of Mice and Men was published significant?

  • Everyone was rich
  • It was in the depression and has a lot to do with the novel
  • It was a fun time and everyone had jobs
  • It's not significant

5. What is marginalisation and why is it important in Of Mice and Men?

  • Treating everyone equally. For example Slim, he never treats anyone differently and is equal to everyone including Curley's wife
  • The harming of animals. For example Candy's dog being shot because it's old and Candy not having a say in it.
  • It is the process of pushing someone to the side and isolating them from society. For example, Lennie and his mental disability, Candy being old and Crooks for being a different skin colour.
  • Pushing everyone to the side and isolating yourself. For example Curley


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