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2. Why don't the men on the ranch like Curley's wife?

  • She is known as a 'tart' by the men as she likes to flirt
  • She killed Candy's dog
  • She stole a gun off of them
  • She killed one of their wives

3. What is marginalisation and why is it important in Of Mice and Men?

  • Treating everyone equally. For example Slim, he never treats anyone differently and is equal to everyone including Curley's wife
  • It is the process of pushing someone to the side and isolating them from society. For example, Lennie and his mental disability, Candy being old and Crooks for being a different skin colour.
  • Pushing everyone to the side and isolating yourself. For example Curley
  • The harming of animals. For example Candy's dog being shot because it's old and Candy not having a say in it.

4. Which characters are discriminated against in Of Mice and Men?

  • Curley's wife, George and Lennie
  • Curley, Slim and Carlson
  • Lennie, Crooks, Curley's wife and Candy
  • Crook's and Candy

5. What does AFOREST mean?

  • Answer, Five, Overall, Rhetorical Questions, Encryption, Statistics, Tone
  • Anecdotes, Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical Questions, Emotive Language, Statistics, Three (list of)
  • Anecdotes, Five, Opinions, Repetition, Emotive Language, Statistics, Time
  • Answer, Facts, Overall, Rhyme, Encryption, Skills, Tone


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