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2. What is the method used to answer unseen poetry?

  • LIST
  • LINE

3. Why is the concept of dreaming important in Of Mice and Men?

  • The men didn't know what dreams were
  • The whole novel is a dream
  • If they didn't have a 'dream' then nothing would keep them going through the hard times, the American dream was to own your own business and make lots of money.
  • The men couldn't dream

4. What does AFOREST mean?

  • Anecdotes, Five, Opinions, Repetition, Emotive Language, Statistics, Time
  • Answer, Five, Overall, Rhetorical Questions, Encryption, Statistics, Tone
  • Anecdotes, Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical Questions, Emotive Language, Statistics, Three (list of)
  • Answer, Facts, Overall, Rhyme, Encryption, Skills, Tone

5. What does LIST mean?

  • Language, Imagery, Structure, Tone/Theme
  • Life, Input, Safe, Time
  • Language, Input, Structure, Tone/Theme
  • Life, Imagery, Safe, Time


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