Alkanes and Alkenes

Quiz on alkenes and alkanes; their general formulas etc

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1. What is a hydrocarbon?

  • Molecules made of hydrogen and carbon atoms, and sometimes other elements
  • Molecules made of hydrogen and carbon atoms only
  • Molecules made of hydrogen atoms only
  • Molecules made of carbon atoms only
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2. Which is NOT true about a homologous series?

  • Trends in physical properties
  • Same general formula
  • Same number of carbon atoms
  • Same chemcial properties

3. What is Organic Chemistry?

  • Molecules containing carbon
  • Molecules containing oxygen
  • Molecules containing nitrogen
  • Molecules containing hydrogen

4. What is the alkane with 3 carbon atoms and 8 hydrogen atoms?

  • Propane
  • Methane
  • Ethane
  • Butane


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