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Marx felt there was a relationship between...
Labour and Human nature
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However he felt this relationship was...
Perverted by capitalism
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Marx called this
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Alienation refers to...
The separation of human beings from their very essence
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Engagement in productive work should be...
The expression of human essence, thereby fulfilling the rich potential of human energy, imagination and creativity
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However Marx felt work in the industrial societies...
Of the 19th century were different to this
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Instead of work being the fulfilment of their very being, work was...
A necessary evil and is done in order to survive
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We labour in accordance with the purpose of the capitalist who hires and pays us, this means...
Our labour is not our own, it no longer transforms us. Instead we are alienated from our true human nature
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The members of the industrial society are...
Alienated not just as a collection of individuals but as a population
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Alienation also involves the misrepresentation of reality in the form of...
Self-denial of human essence when people fail to understand their own true nature
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Humans underestimate their own powers and do not realise that certain things are...
Actually the result of their own effort and not another source
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An example of this is religion where people think that God...
Determines all that happens and they have no control over their own faith
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However Marx felt there was no God and was...
Just made up in order to confuse and mislead people
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Alienation is also the way in which people just accept...
Their economic situation
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Marx maintained that there is no need to accept that..
We are assigned a fate and that we should just resign ourselves to it
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Marx stated that...
Humans can make themselves through labour
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However he felt this relationship was...


Perverted by capitalism

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Marx called this


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Alienation refers to...


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Engagement in productive work should be...


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