Aïe! j'ai mal!

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Je suis fatiguée
I am tired
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Je suis enrhumiée
I have a cold
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J'ai mal au cœur
I feel sick
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J'ai la diarrhée
I have diarrhea
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J'ai soif
I am thirsty
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J'ai faim
I am hungry
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avoir chaud
to be hot
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avoir froid
to be cold
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avoir mal
to hurt/ache
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avoir peur
to be afraid/scared
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avoir besoin de
to need
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avoir envie de
to want to
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être malade
to be ill
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être constipé(e)
to be constipated
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être gross(e)
to be fat
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être fort(e)
to be strong
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être faible
to be weak
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être mince
to be slim
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être content(e)
to be happy
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être triste
to be sad
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être maigre
to be thin
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Card 2


I have a cold


Je suis enrhumiée

Card 3


I feel sick


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Card 4


I have diarrhea


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Card 5


I am thirsty


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