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What is aid?
Aid refers to the flow of resources from one country to anoter- developed world to developing world
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What is considered aid?
Financial grants, materia gifts and loans with interest
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what does aid usually involve?
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What can it also consist of?
Expertise from developed countries such as technology, science, weaponry and medicene.
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What dos the ODA stand for?
official development assistance
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What is this?
A foreign aid programme
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How many countries does it consist of?
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What does it do?
The countries basically allocate some of their resources to the oda and they distribute them to the developing countries.
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What are the five types of aid?
Bilateral, multi-lateral, commercial banks, NGO'S and Emergency aid
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what is bilateral aid?
Governments in the developed world giving aid to governments in the developing world
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what is this also known as?
oda- official development assistance
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what organisation administers aid from the UK?
DFID- department for international development
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What happened in 2011/12?
55% of DFID's work was bilateral
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what areas recieved large amounts of aid?
bangladesh, india and ethiopia
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What is multi-lateral aid?
The uk donates money to IGO's and then the Igo's disitirbute it how they wish
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Name 4 igo's
UN, World Bank, IMF and EC
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What percentage of DFID's budget was multilateral aid?
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What s commerical banks do?
They lend money to the developing world at commercial rates of interest
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WHta was the flow from the UK to developing countries in 2011?
£20.3 million
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What are ngo's?
Non-government organisations such as oxfam, red cross and save the children
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What to ngo's do?>
They aim to raise money through the publics donations
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what do dfid do as a response?
Match the amount of money
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What were the figuires in 2005?
in 2005 £50millions pounds was given to developing countries
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who was this money from?
ngo's and dfid
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what is emergency aid?
humanitarian releif which is raised in response to specific cicrumstances
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Such as?
Natural disasters- tsunami's, hurricaines or earthquakes
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where does this money come from?
bilateral sources and ngo's
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What is considered aid?


Financial grants, materia gifts and loans with interest

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what does aid usually involve?


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What can it also consist of?


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What dos the ODA stand for?


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