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2. Calderisi (2006)

  • aid doesn't work because of the donor
  • debt is a self inflicted problem
  • Aid can be effective when done in a measurable, targeted and practical way
  • there are 4 traps stopping aid from changing the lives of the poorest billion

3. The UN (1969) recommended the developed world should give what percentage of their GNP should be given in aid?

  • 0.5%
  • 0.7%
  • 0.6%
  • 0.8%

4. Aid from the developed worlds government to the developing worlds government is?

  • Commercial Banks
  • Non Government Oragnisation
  • Bilateral aid
  • Multilateral aid
  • Emergency aid

5. The government donating to a agency through a loan or a gift is?

  • Multilateral Aid
  • Commercial Banks
  • Bilateral Aid
  • Non Government Organisation
  • Emergency Aid


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