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2. What do dependency theorists argue is the cause of debt?

  • All of the options
  • developing countries being dependent on exporting a few products due to colonialism. The fall of these prices causes debt.
  • Borrowed money hasn't been spent effectively.
  • Interest rates rose in the 80's so developing countries had to keep borrowing to pay interest rates

3. Aid from the developed worlds government to the developing worlds government is?

  • Multilateral aid
  • Non Government Oragnisation
  • Commercial Banks
  • Bilateral aid
  • Emergency aid

4. Calderisi (2006)

  • debt is a self inflicted problem
  • there are 4 traps stopping aid from changing the lives of the poorest billion
  • Aid can be effective when done in a measurable, targeted and practical way
  • aid doesn't work because of the donor

5. The government donating to a agency through a loan or a gift is?

  • Emergency Aid
  • Non Government Organisation
  • Commercial Banks
  • Multilateral Aid
  • Bilateral Aid


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