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2. Aggression is influenced by the environment by 3 factors- organisational (leadership of prison), Physical resources and Staff

  • Situational Model
  • Importational Model

3. Prisoners import social histories and traits into a prison (factors include alcohol, drugs, race, education)

  • Importational Model
  • Situational Model

4. Assessed impact of several pre-exisiting importational factors on inmate violence in 4 juvenille institutions. pre- institutional violence was best predictor of inmate violence

  • Sergen and Barton
  • Diener
  • Poole and Regoli
  • DeLisi et al.

5. First to be aggressive is the first piece of ___________. Eliminating the 'heat' that ______ will sort out the prison environment and reduce possibility of aggression

  • Popcorn model
  • Management model
  • Thermal model
  • Deprivation model


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