Aggression- Institutional Aggression

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1. Assessed impact of several pre-exisiting importational factors on inmate violence in 4 juvenille institutions. pre- institutional violence was best predictor of inmate violence

  • Diener
  • Poole and Regoli
  • Sergen and Barton
  • DeLisi et al.
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2. Aggression is influenced by the environment by 3 factors- organisational (leadership of prison), Physical resources and Staff

  • Situational Model
  • Importational Model

3. Studied Prison records of 831 male inmates in SW USA and found small but not significant relationship between gang membership and prison aggression suggesting importation of subcultural values

  • Richards
  • DeLisi et al
  • Poole and Regoli
  • Sapolsky

4. Prisoners import social histories and traits into a prison (factors include alcohol, drugs, race, education)

  • Importational Model
  • Situational Model

5. Suggested different subcultures: Criminal subculture, convict subculture, conventional subculture

  • Irwin and Cressey
  • Kane and Janus


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