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2. Studied MAOA gene in mice. Mice lacking the MAOA gene had serious anger management problems

  • Capsi et al
  • Mattson
  • Bruner
  • Nannini

3. High activity MAOA ensures:

  • excess neurotransmitters are reduced meaning reduced aggression
  • increases neurotransmitters to reduce aggression
  • excess neurotransmitters are reduced meaning increased aggression

4. Case study of dutch family. Found extremely violent members had low levels of MAOA

  • Bruner
  • Shackleford
  • Capsi
  • Mattson

5. Gene that produces an enzyme that regulates neurotransmitter levels linked to aggression e.g. seretonin and dopamine

  • Monoamine Oxidase (MAOA)
  • SRY gene


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