Aggression- Genetics

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1. High activity MAOA ensures:

  • excess neurotransmitters are reduced meaning reduced aggression
  • increases neurotransmitters to reduce aggression
  • excess neurotransmitters are reduced meaning increased aggression
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2. Methods of studying genetics: Genes cloned and biological components changed

  • Genetic Manipulation
  • Case Study
  • Heritability

3. A gene is...

  • A basic, physical and functional unit of hereditary and acts as instructions that control our bodily functions and features
  • A basic, physical and functional chemical that codes our body
  • Changes the way a the body responds to aggression

4. Study of MAOA in humans, found after abuse and maltreatment, those with high activity MAOA gene were less likely to be aggressive than those with low activity MAOA gene

  • Mattson
  • Capsi et al
  • Bruner
  • Alcock

5. Case study of dutch family. Found extremely violent members had low levels of MAOA

  • Shackleford
  • Bruner
  • Mattson
  • Capsi


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