Aggression- Deindividuation

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1. Prison Study, found every guard/prisoner behaved in an aggressive way at some point. An altered state of consciousness lead to disinhibited antisocial behaviour due to the diffusion of reponsibility

  • Sergen and Barton
  • Simpson
  • Zimbardo et al
  • Diener et al
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2. Halloween study, different conditions (anonymity, aloneness, one child responsible) Children given opportunity to steal candy and it was found in anonymity and groups, candy was stolen

  • Diener et al
  • Sergen and Barton
  • Charlton
  • Kilnesmith et al.

3. Public Self Awareness:

  • A concern about the impression presented to other people knowing that you will be judged by them.
  • A concern we have for our own thoughts and internal morals which can be reduced in activities in which we 'forget ourselves' (alcohol)
  • A concern about the way you look and knowing people will judge you on how you look.
  • Not being comfortable being out and exposed in public areas.

4. Darkened room arousal study, 26 people in a padded room for 45 minutes, lights on= no interaction, lights off= people had sex instead

  • Caspi
  • Sergen and Barton
  • Mattson
  • Diener et al.

5. Deindividuation refers to...

  • loss of physical identity
  • loss of individual identity and loosening of normal inhibitions
  • addition of identity and heightened inhibitions


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